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You find yourself in a bustling coffee aisle amidst countless options, and then you spot the Fairtrade symbol. Why choose Fairtrade coffee? In sourcing its coffee, &BACK chose to partner with Fairtrade for a number of reasons. 

#1. Fairtrade is a commitment to farmers 

Fairtrade is not only an ethical certification but a global movement that guarantees better prices and greater control for the farmers with whom we partner. It has created a transparent process in the supply chain to help farmers earn fair prices for their coffee and access resources to invest in their futures while protecting the environments in which they live and work. 

#2. Income Stability for Farmers 

Coffee, a lifeline for millions, experiences price volatility due to various factors. The average coffee farmer’s income has remained stagnant for two decades. Fairtrade seeks to bring stability by implementing a Fairtrade Minimum Price, protecting farmers from sudden price drops. 

#3. Investing in Communities  

The Fairtrade premium extends beyond coffee; it’s about community impact. It funds vital infrastructure initiatives, including biogas technologies that promote sustainability (to be featured in an upcoming &BACK blog post). Moreover, it empowers women coffee farmers and builds indigenous capacity through community-based initiatives, like the Kabngetuny Cooperation, driving positive change beyond the coffee field. 

#4. Presence on the Ground 

&BACK works closely with Fairtrade representatives on the ground to source our coffee from cooperatives that prioritize the social and economic inclusion of women. Together, we have been able to meet remarkable women coffee farmers and hear their stories. These representatives bring the FT promise to life in coffee communities around the world. 

As Fairtrade Month comes to an end, we wanted to share why &BACK chose to partner with Fairtrade. It’s a certification, a supply chain system, a movement – and a way to connect coffee drinkers to coffee farmers around the world. Choose Fairtrade. Learn more about Fairtrade Coffee here.

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The women behind every cup and their remarkable stories

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