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Proud to be Neutral!the climate neutral certified logo

Neutral is such a… neutral word. But it can also mean balance, equilibrium.

Here at &BACKTM, we also think neutral can also be very exciting!

We’re proud to be neutral—climate neutral that is! We’re now Climate Neutral Certified because we’re as committed to doing our part in being environmental stewards as we are to providing some of the world’s tastiest Fairtrade coffee.

For us, environmental stewardship means the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. Supporting the people who grow our beans to make the ecosystem in which they live and farm more resilient to improve their economic and social well-being and that of their community and the whole planet. It’s why we are active participants in movements like 1% for the Planet and Climate Neutral.

So what is Climate Neutral? It’s a globally-recognized independent certification process. When you see a company like &BACKTM with the Climate Neutral label, you know they have undergone a methodical assessment to ensure they are doing their part not simply to reduce their environmental footprint but seek to zero it across their entire value chain. It’s a three-stage process that involves:

  1. Measuring the emissions our operations generate through every stage of our process, from the coffee farm to processing, until it is roasted and packaged for distribution;
  2. Reducing our emissions with annual plans for how we will achieve our goals. At &BACKTM, our plan includes switching to fully omnidegradable packaging and leveraging virtual technology to reach our stakeholders;
  3. Compensating for the emissions we generate every year with verified carbon offsets. We invest in programs that measurably impact climate change, notably by preventing deforestation and promoting reforestation in coffee growing countries.

Why is Climate Neutral so important to us? Firstly, it’s part of our commitment to supporting coffee growing communities that are on the front lines of climate change and doing our part to promote the well-being of the farmers who grow our coffee beans. That means paying them a fair price for their product, improving their quality of life, and helping to ensure a viable and prosperous future for them and their families in coffee farming.

But we’re also doing it for the companies that buy our coffee. Today’s coffee lovers can expect their cup of coffee to be delicious and responsible. That goes as much for employees gathered in the breakroom as for the connoisseur ordering their specialty beverage from the barista (or from the touch machine!). So we’re giving you a value-add that can be communicated to employees and customers, who care about companies wearing their values on their sleeve. And, of course, this commitment can be wrapped up into company sustainability reports—one more small way your business is doing its part to be a good corporate citizen.

Discover more about how you’re making a difference by choosing &BACK coffee and see our official Climate Neutral brand page.

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